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Lash lover

Lash Education only (for students with their own kit)

If you love lashes, but you're not sure how strong of a passion you have for lashing? this package is perfect for you! Minimum investment in supplies while receiving maximum education until you're sure.


Includes: EyeLash extensions Kit

If you absolutely love lashing and know this is how you want to increase your revenue, this is the perfect package for you! Plenty of supplies to practice and build your Lashing clientele.


Includes: EyeLash Extension Kit plus Massage Table

If you're a Lash Loving, Lash-a-holic who is absolutely sure you want to increase your revenue, be your own boss while taking advantage of  the continued support provided by Miyoshi Aesthetics as you build your lashing clientele beyond your certification! Then this is the package for you!

Lash Boss

Includes Full eyelash Extensions kit, massage table  and Advanced Lashing tips

 A one on one training and consultation with Miyoshi Aesthetics at your place of business to show and tell you how to maximize the lashing experience for both you and the client!  This package is EVERYTHING the Lashista needs to Master the Craft of Creating Lash Magic!

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