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Lash Care

Lash Care & Maintenance

What are eyelash extensions?

Not to be confused with the self-stick strip falsies or individual cluster lashes knotted together that are a single-event accessory, these semi-permanent, synthetic extensions are glued one by one onto the natural  lash (not the skin) by using a specially formulated adhesive that last 2-4 weeks.  Single synthetic eyelashes are applied to your own natural eyelash to achieve a beautiful full luscious and long set of  lashes that are natural and you won’t even know they are there.


Should I be careful who applies the eyelash extension and should they be trained or certified?

Absolutely, we cannot stress the importance of choosing an eyelash technician who has been taught by a qualified and experienced person. There are many eyelash extension operators who are claiming to have been professionally trained but have been self-taught via the internet; This is disastrous and at Miyoshi Aesthetics we are having more and more distressed clients contacting us for help as they have had a bad experience. Please do your research thoroughly and ask many questions.

How are eyelash extensions applied?

A single natural lash is isolated and a synthetic lash is glued to the top of your own natural eyelash approximately 1mm from the eyelid so neither the adhesive or the lash has contact with the skin.


How long will the application take?

The application will take approximately 2 hours for a full set and approximately  45 minutes to 1 hour for a half set and one hour for a re-lash.  It is a meticulous procedure that requires patience and concentration so therefore it should not be rushed.You relax with your eyes closed and there is no pain as this is a non-invasive procedure.

Will eyelash extensions make my own lashes fall out?

No, following the proper post care will ensure the health of your natural lashes. The eyelash has a hair growth cycle and is constantly being replaced. If you pull hard on a lash extension or try to remove them on your own, your own natural lash will be pulled out. There will be no new lash ready to grow to take its place and you will have to wait 6-8 weeks for that lash to grow.

Can I wear Mascara?

You won’t have to. You will wake up looking great and best of all it will make your lashes look like you’re wearing mascara 24/7 without the clumping, streaking and smudging look that you get with mascara. If desired you can wear non-waterproof mascara on the lower lashes but remember to use an  oil free eye makeup remover.

How long do they last?

In approximately 2-3 weeks your eyelash extensions may require a re-fill.  Do not be duped by those who promise “permanent” extensions or attachments that last for 2+ months without needing a re-fill. The life cycle of a real lash is around 25-28 days, as the natural lashes grow and fall out, so will the synthetic ones that are attached.  If your hair and nails grow faster that may indicate that your lashes will not last as long as someone whose hair growth is slow.  Your life style and what work you do will also make a difference how long they last.  A fresh set of eyelash extensions will not last for three months; this is false advertising by inexperienced people.

What are Re-Fills? Why do I need them and how often do I need them?

Re-fills are needed as the natural eyelash shed (due to the eyelash cycle) and there has been an extension applied to it.  You will require re-fills every 2-3 weeks if you would like to achieve a consistently full fresh set of lashes. At Miyoshi Aesthetics we take the time to remove any eyelash extensions that have either grown out too far or are not lying correctly.  For re-fills bookings allow approximately one hour.

Semi Permanent Makeup FAQ's
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